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All the excellence of organic food gathered on a single website

Excellen'S BIO is an online grocery specialised in selling delicious organic products that can bring you all the nutritional intakes which are necessary for your health. Adopt the superfood option getting your fill of tastes and keeping the fondness of food at the same time.   

S pour Saveurs (Savours)

We select top-quality food from both a gustatory and a nutritional viewpoint. Coming from organic farming, our products will perfectly boost the taste of all your culinary preparations, while providing them additional nutritional qualities at the same time. Fall for our range of chocolates (gluten-free, casein-free and lecithin-free) sold in bars or in boxes of chocolates. Our SteliFOOD flour mixes (with or without yeast) and their associated recipes will enable you to cook delicious preparations quite quickly. Now, let's enjoy organic and very tasty products !    

S pour Saines (Healthy)

Consuming Excellen’S BIO products will help you to stay in good shape ! If you are on a special diet, whether it be a wish or a requirement, you will find on this website high-quality gluten-free, maize-free and casein-free products that are also 100% organic. This selection of products can be the solution to the different diets or intolerances you may have. For both dietary prevention and dietary correction, they can provide you real nutritional and health bonuses. A gluten free diet can be lead to many reasons: 

- Joint and muscular pains

- Migraine and headaches

- Digestive disorders: bloating, flatulences, stomachaches

- Skin diseases (psoriasis, eczema, acne, etc.)

- Allergies and ENT diseases

That it is prevention, health problems of food correction or simply a new "lifestyle", our products bring you of the more nutritional truths and facilitate a healthier and more responsible lifestyle.

S pour Simplicité (Simplicity)

You have a special diet and you find it difficult to do your grocery shopping ? You are looking for high-quality organic products but you don't have time to compare all the suppliers ? We have the solution. On this website, we have selected and gathered for you the best organic food on a single online shop. Order very simply all the products you want, without leaving your home, thanks to our intuitive interface.

To facilitate your browsing on our website, our products have been divided into 5 different categories: SteliFOOD Flour Mix, Chocolates, Grocery, Cooking Kits, Cooking accessories. You also have the possibility to have access to some services such as recipes, gift vouchers and cooking workshops. You can book your alternative cooking course online and use our videos tu learn how to cook differently. Excellen’S BIO adopts an organic, responsible and global approach that is accessible to everyone.