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"Bakery and Viennoiserie" Mix 55,11 pounds - Français

Make your own baked products very easily : Pizzas, Bread, Panettones, Focaccia, Brioche … A set of delicious recipes which are gluten-free and maize-free.  

The bread recipe is available at the bottom of the technical specifications sheet and the tutorial on Youtube :


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6,46 € per Kg

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Prix du petit pain individuel 100g 0,43 € Frais de livraison compris / France
Matières grasses dont acides gras saturés 0,6g dont 0,10g
Glucides dont sucre 78.9g dont 0.10g
Protéines 5,7g
Fibres alimentaires 2,9g
Sel 1,5g
Mode de conservation A conserver dans un endroit frais et sec
Calories 350 kcal
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Bag of 55,11 pounds

Ingredients : white rice flour*, manioc starch*, psyllium*, dry yeast and salt

* From organic farming


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    Chocolate bars with a 87% cocoa content (3,0 onces/100g), Chocolate which is absolutely not dry or bitter, for people who appreciate cocoa with low sugar content  

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    Thanks to its sliding tie, this bread bag is the perfect solution to preserve your baked products optimally. Thanks to its handles, it is also very convenient to bring it or hang it everywhere . 

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    Thanks to its rounded blade, this "grignette" can be used to incise your dough before baking your bread quite easily. The part that holds the blade is plastic-made and the blade is protected by a cap.

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    Certifiée bio. Naturellement sans gluten. A utiliser dans de nombreuses préparations culinaires.La farine de riz vous permettra de réaliser des préparations naturellement sans gluten légères et très digestes : gâteaux, crêpes, brownies, crèmes, etc..

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Recette Mix Boulangerie et Viennoiserie

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